Warkworth Oaks on Neville

The Oaks provides easy and convenient access to all the amenities that Warkworth offers – on foot! Our car is in the garage much more than on the road.


We both use the gym and pool – the aqua-exercise classes have added another dimension to the keep-fit/get active adage.


Everything is new and convenient, and the apartments are well designed and laid out. The staff are all first rate – friendly, concerned, thoughtful and very helpful.

Epsom Village

Like many other couples & single people, we visited and did internet research on many retirement villages around the Auckland area when contemplating moving to a retirement village. Some huge, some moderately large and a few boutique type villages.

The large establishments were out of them question, too many residents, we felt that they were too institutional both visually and the general atmosphere when conversing with existing tenants was not particularly friendly.

In most cases the larger establishments were not in locations that were best served by public transport. The village that ticked all the boxes for uswas Epsom Village with only 70+ apartments. It is ideally situated, on an amazing bus service route, with access to the rail network a simple bus ride away. The number of residents is such, that we know everyone’s name.

Right from our first visit to the village, we knew this was the place for us, we were greeted by existing residents in warm and friendly manner and this is the way that we still meet and greet any new potential new residents.

We have been living at Epsom Village for 6 1/2 years now and have never ever regrette making the the move to retirement village lifestyle.

Epsom Village is a welcoming, caring friendly community, especially for those of us still with a zest for life beyond our younger years.

The geographic placement in Auckland is amazing, both as to being a very beautiful part as well for relating to the remainder of Auckland.

The “umbrella” offered by staff and management enable us to enjoy many aspects of enriched living with a lesser responsibility by us for the practical aspects of that living. Under that umbrella are many actives offered of artistic, social, musical, bus trips of great interest, speakers of interest – of political and social persuasion – physical fitness, board and card games and so much more”

Epsom Village offers an enrichment in life which is very acceptable.

Rosemary Newman

Remuera Gardens

Just over 5 years ago I decided that the time had come to have a plan for my later years in life. With this in mind I visited several retirement villages in Remuera but for numerous reason none appealed to me. I know very little about Remuera Gardens but was fully aware of Kensington House (the Rest Home) as my late wife had spent several years there before moving full time medical care.

I came by an advertisement for an Open Day at Remuera Gardens so decided to call and see what was available. By chance, I was among other dwellings shown a two bedroom apartment which had just been gutted for a full renovation. It had everything I was looking for and within a week I had decided it was to be mine and I duly signed up.

I am now in my 6 th year of occupation with no doubt about my decision. The facilities available are many and varied and all of a high standard. These can all be enjoyed as you wish. The staff are very professional and happy and willing to help at all times.

When the time comes and I need more help I will be able to consider moving into Beattie Lodge, one of the serviced apartments and after that Kensington House should full time care be needed.

I have involved my family in all my decisions and they fully appreciate the reason for my move and they know that professional care is available if and when needed.


Living at Remuera Gardens provides me with continual treats. I vary the ways I walk to my apartment from the car, so that I can check the changes in the gardens on the way.

My apartment is both a retreat as well as a meeting place for family and friends. The views from my windows have the backdrop of established trees and, with help from the gardeners, I am gradually creating lower level planting of foliage and colours of my choice. Blackbirds and the occasional tui splash about in the birdbath and that of my neighbour.

After a knee replacement I really appreciated the options of meal delivery and the twice weekly bus transport to shopping centres. Company for morning and afternoon teas in the Cane Room was welcome for that period of a more restricted life. The library is full of treasures, the Public library bus calls, so what with Tai Chi, and lunch outings I need my diary to keep up with my life outside the village and the opportunities within.

The staff is invariably positive, helpful, and responsive to the various needs of our small community.

Helen Hagen

Pakuranga Park Village

I moved into an Independent Apartment three years ago and am appreciating the security and also the freedom. I enjoy being able to continue my involvement with community groups outside the Village as well as participate in the many social activities within the Village where I have made so many friends. I have never been so busy, or had so much fun!  It’s a great life! Denise Wellm

Pakuranga Park Village impressed us for its excellent location and leafy environment. Situated by the side of a busy urban road, and yet it is so neat and peaceful that we feel like living by the countryside.

We have moved into the village for nearly three years.  The staff members are attentive, friendly and helpful. They always handle our problems on the spot with no fuss. The Village Manager has small group meetings with the residents regularly, where we can provide feedback.  The Resident Committee also works closely with the management for the benefits of the residents. There are a lot of group activities, such as lawn bowling, dancing and bridge, to keep us occupied. We also enjoy the events organised by  the Village Activities Coordinator and Residents Committee throughout the year. We never feel being left behind. Our neighbours are helpful and lovely. We feel safe and welcome in the village, with a sense of belonging. We are very lucky to be at Pakuranga Park Village and live in a lifestyle that we enjoy. Michael and Christina Leung

April 2016. It is five years this month since my wife and I moved into the Pakuranga Park Retirement Village. Note, a Retirement Village, not a Rest Home, there is a marked difference. We have made many new friends, enjoy the privacy of our stand alone, villa, that is much larger than our first home where we brought up two children. This is a place, where you wind down and have fun, enjoying many of the activities, provided by management and the members’ social committee. Bowls, indoor or outdoor, various card games, fortnightly Sunday film evenings, snooker, line dancing, barbeque evenings, fortnightly mix and mingle roast dinners, bus trips etc. The choice to take part is yours’, many take part but also still have outside interests. The friends are so numerous that you can always meet one or the other when at malls or other areas outside the village.

Just think, no lawns, rates, water, insurance, all are included in the weekly charge, you just have to look after your garden if you want one.