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About us.

Our decades of experience and high-quality villages ensure you can enjoy your retirement with the ultimate in convenience, comfort and peace of mind.

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The retirement village lifestyle.

The right village, one that truly fulfils your needs and expectations, can help enrich your quality of life and enable you to pursue your later years in the way you want to.

You can continue to live life independently, with the reassurance of the support and amenities our villages each provide. It doesn’t matter whether you are 55 or 90 years of age; it’s a lifestyle that can be enjoyed by all. All our villages are located in prime areas, close to their communities and within easy reach to public amenities.

Across our villages we offer options different sized units with a variety of bedroom and living configurations. Some villages have an emphasis on 'lifestyle' facilities, while others provide a full range of care options so our residents can enjoy the best of the village for as long as they want.

The types of accommodation we offer will vary from stand-alone villas to townhouses to apartments, as well as serviced apartments. All our villages offer a range of recreation facilities, based on a hub around a community centre.

Six good reasons to buy into a Real Living village.

Enjoy the privacy of your own home.

Keep your independence in a supportive environment.

Peace of mind from 24 hour 'on call' assistance.

Enjoy access to a variety of services and recreation facilities

No need to worry about home maintenance.

Feel secure at all times.


What we stand for.


Being of service, having a big heart, showing compassion and behaving respectfully are attitudes that matter.


We’re grateful we can make a positive difference for our people, both residents and employees.


Every action and decision is made ethically and upholds our principles.


We design, build and manage thriving communities, creating places where everyone truly belongs.

Bob and Cornelia Tilling

Resident at Pakuranga Park

We love Pakuranga Park so much that our wedding reception was celebrated here.”

Bob is one of Pakuranga Park's most involved residents since he moved to the village in 2011. “I had seen some retirement villages before, and they all looked the same to me. When I first visited Pakuranga Park, I immediately realized this village was different; it was so spacious, reminding me of a little English village.”

When Cornelia moved in with Bob in 2020, she adapted very quickly to life at the village: “They keep you so busy! My family is always amazed at how active I am now that I’m retired. But there’s always something going on here, and we really enjoy that!”

Bob and Cornelia married in 2022, and they're so happy at Pakuranga Park that they celebrated their wedding reception at the village’s community center, surrounded by their family and friends – many of whom are also residents of the village!

Barbara Tokley

Resident at Epsom Village

I love my apartment's view towards Mount Eden”

Barbara is one of the most adventurous residents at Real Living. At 19 years old, she bought her first vehicle, a motor scooter, which took her on her first trip around Europe. She’s traveled to 45 countries and has lived in Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and New Zealand.

Life for Barbara wasn't going to slow down with retirement; instead, she took on serious tramping when she stopped working. She has walked most of the Great Walks and many other multi-day tramps in New Zealand and overseas. When it was time to move to a retirement village, Barbara knew that her priority was to pick a new home that was conveniently located: “I moved to Epsom Village because of the good training walks from here up Mount Eden, One Tree Hill, Mount St John, and Mount Hobson. I also love my apartment's view towards Mount Eden.”

Craig Muir

Resident at Remuera Gardens

Remuera Gardens ticks all the boxes for me”

Craig moved to Remuera Gardens in August 2022 after deciding that a retirement village would offer him the community and companionship he was looking for. His choices were limited because he was 60 years old at the time, and very few villages have such an early entry age. He found out that Real Living has an entry age of 55+, and he quickly became interested in Remuera Gardens. When he first entered the village, it was love at first sight: “It just felt right for me. Lyn, the Sales Manager, showed me an apartment, and I decided that very same day that it was the apartment for me. I loved it, and it was everything I had hoped it would be.”

Craig is a very sociable person, so he quickly became involved in the social events around the village. He was elected as the Chairperson of the Residents’ Committee, and he enjoys the Quiz nights and the Men’s Club, a gentlemen’s group with monthly trips to different locations such as Maraetai Beach or the Car Museum in Hamilton. “Remuera Gardens ticks all the boxes I hoped it would. It’s giving me the company and the sense of belonging I was looking for, and it’s just a lot of fun. The more you put in, the more you get back.”

Raewyn Morrison

Coordinator at Warkworth Oaks

I’m very proud to be part of such a friendly, caring, and supportive village”

Raewyn Morrison started working with Real Living shortly before the village was completed in 2018. Five years later, she has become an integral part of the heart and soul of the village. She knows all the residents and enjoys occasions that allow her to mingle with them and forge deeper connections. “Being a small village, we see a lot of our residents on a regular basis. I’m very proud to be part of such a friendly, caring, and supportive village.”

Raewyn is in charge of the Events Calendar at Warkworth Oaks, and one of her favorite parts of her job is organizing the Weekly Mystery Trips. Most Wednesdays, Raewyn takes the residents to a different location around Warkworth and the surrounding area. She loves exploring the natural surroundings with the residents, but she’s also grateful to be working in such a conveniently situated village: “The location of Warkworth Oaks right in the middle of town is incredibly practical. It’s great to see our residents out and about in the township – whether they're going shopping or enjoying walks around the area.”


Meet some of our key people.

Real Living is lead by a dedicated and talented team. They have a wealth of experience gained from working in a variety of different fields and the retirement industry.